Faith With the Waves

Sometimes the waves of life are gently lapping against the shoreline of your life and allowing you to go through the motions without having to call upon faith, family, or friends. Then there are times when the waves of life crash against the shoreline with such force that it washes away everything you’ve known so well. It’s then when you need to call upon your faith and your tribe more than ever. All too often, we pray or hope for relief from the crushing waves without realizing the growth on the other side of the waves. The other side bears a new beginning for us, the true test of our grit, grace and personal legend “our why” or our “raison d’être”.

So often our character is formed by the gentle waves but not tested. The ocean and the waves settle my soul and it’s at the water’s edge where I’ve found my deepest perspective and peace. Life will test us, the people we love will test us, pain, loss, suffering and so much will reach the shoreline of our lives. It’s how you react during those times that get you closer to who you really are meant to be…to become. Don’t settle for those gentle lapping waves of life…those are easy and you won’t grow. Look head on into the surf, paddle out and ride those crashing waves in! Grow in faith with the waves.



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