Yesterday we met up in Dallas, Texas with over 30 friends to remember our comrade and brother Matt Rossi. We rekindled old friendships and formed new ones. We did it exactly as Matt would have done – with great food, drinks and lighthearted stories, mixed with messages about life’s deeper meaning and purpose. Matt was an incredible leader in the Air Force and like many of us in the room yesterday, he faced trials and triumphs throughout his life. But he never ever forgot what mattered – checking on his buddies, living life connecting with others, being in awe of nature, all while leaving behind a legacy with every person he met on his journey. His legacy as a tough, yet fun servant leader in the Air Force extended into his retirement where in 2017-2018 he set off to find the purpose of it all. His personal legacy and purpose took him back home to what mattered most – family. I could write for years about what I’ve learned as a leader, mother, sister and woman from my best friend these last ten years. But instead as several of us said in the pub yesterday, his legacy – his energy lives on every single day in the way we live! He taught us the greatest lesson of all – Live life purposefully with kindness, compassion, and care for our fellow human always! Then and only then we create the most beautiful endless legacy!

Thank you Matty for all the unconditional love and time you gave to us as your friend and brother! We will see you again one day!


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