The Leadership Journey Continues

I am! A woman, mother, daughter, sister, Airman, teacher, mentor, friend and leader. Soon I will be an officially retired Veteran of the Air Force. The greatest blessing I have had in this life is to lead and teach others how to seek their purpose while leading from the seat of compassion and care. Many have become great leaders of character far beyond my expectations. For over twenty years I woke up daily with zeal and duty to do my best leading in any duty the Air Force asked me to do.

On Monday I will start my new vocation wearing heels instead of combat boots for the first time in over twenty years. I could not have asked for a better opportunity then to take everything I learned and gained from my time leading others and serving in Air Force and share it with the state of California in three different areas. Both the good and the bad experiences throughout my first vocation being a Security Forces Airman taught me the incredible power of love and leadership.

I’ve spent my adult years upholding oaths, and serving with integrity, grace and compassion always. My last pair of combat boots have stood beside my Airmen after a shooting, a terrorist attack, suicides, some of the hardest law enforcement responses, promotions, awards, standing up for justice, saving lives, protecting the community, births, marriages, divorces, sending troops off on deployments, and supporting their families. These boots will proudly stay with me as a reminder of the paths my troops and I walked together these last twenty years. For every Security Forces member who feels they aren’t seen or heard – you are and will always be protected in your personal and professional lives by me all the days of my life! To my mentors – thank you for your unending grace and love given to me on my journey then and now!

Wherever you are in your leadership journey keep going! Serve others from the heart and believe in your higher purpose. Be grateful for the lessons you learn from both good and bad circumstances and leaders you serve with. Always, Always always stand up for what is right and just! Never sacrifice your character for a promotion, a job, power, or to stroke your own ego. And above all lead with LOVE.

Love & Leadership,


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