What We Give

What we give to others has a ripple effect on humanity. Our life’s legacy is created by what we give of ourselves to our neighbor. Our neighbor could be a co-worker, stranger or our actual neighbor next door. Today I stepped into day one of the Blue Courage Train-the-Trainer class at Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Training Center. I’ve been trying to attend this class for several years now. It seemed like every time I thought the stars would align, something came up (military training, family situations, car accident, death of my father, divorce, another car accident, you get the point 🙂 etc.) that kept me from getting to the class. That is until this summer when an opportunity to attend in Los Angeles popped up. I felt a strong pull to attend this particular class and I figured it was perfect timing so I could learn and teach this life-changing course to my cops and the cops in our neighboring towns.

I stepped into the classroom today and went to a table with two gentlemen seated. We exchanged good morning greetings, wrote our name tags out and joked a bit. I asked them which police department they worked for and the name that came out of their mouths sent chills…good chills down my spine. Westminster PD the officer across from me said. I couldn’t believe my ears and without hesitation, I asked him if he knew my late mentor Officer (US Air Force IMA) TSgt Steven Phillips.

He said, “Yes, he was my motorcycle trainer.” I couldn’t believe the connection and the universe aligning me with not one but two cops who served in the same police department as Steve. As I lay down tonight, eyes heavy – my heart is beaming with gratitude for the gift of Steven being here and crossing our paths. I’m sad he’s gone and always will be, but grateful his legacy lives on in the hearts of so many.

In 2001, I was a young Air Force Law Enforcement Instructor and IMA coordinator at Vandenberg AFB with Security Forces. 9/11 happened and our Air Force IMAs reserves were activated for Operation Noble Eagle. Officer (TSgt) Phillips came to us for almost two years from the Westminster PD. He spent many hours in my training office and classroom mentoring me and sharing his knowledge with my students and I. He always made us feel like we were his sole focus. He shared his civilian cop experiences with us to prepare us for the unknown. He was grace and kindness personified and impacted so many people during his short life. I am honored to have known him and will never forget how he lived his life. What he gave keeps impacting others almost 15 years after his death. Thank you Steve!

Love & Leadership,



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