It’s in the Solitude…

It is in the solitude where the leader changes and grows the most. Growth only happens if the leader looks internally and examines the self daily. Reflecting throughout your day as a leader opens you to a greater mindfulness and sense of purpose. Every single day we can choose to learn from the events of the day, self-reflect and determine what enabled us to grow. When you self reflect, ask questions such as: What did I learn about myself today? How could I have handled _____ today? What frustrated me today? Why did it elicit a reaction from me? What did I learn? What inspired me today? Most importantly, what did I learn from my interactions with others? (employees, significant other, neighbors, kids, etc?)

There are thousands of books out there on how to be a better leader, how to know yourself first, how to grow and so many more titles claiming to possess the secret to success as a leader. The truth is there is not a single recipe for success as a leader. Leadership is developed with practice, development of character strengths, moral courage, energy, learning, service,compassion, empathy and a whole lot of persistence and grace!

The work you do on yourself is the most valuable educational aspect of leadership development. Many who are placed in positions of leadership do not reflect enough during their days. They go from meeting to meeting, task to task, and crisis to crisis without slowing down to reflect, examining the self, and digging deep into themselves to pull out their greatest strengths as a leader.

Reflect often and you will grow beyond your greatest expectations as a leader. Teach your employees to reflect often as well. Your followers are watching and learning how to become a leader worth following! Are you worth following?

Love & Leadership,


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