Leaders Extend a Hand

To be a leader is to lend a hand. It’s simple really, leave your office and go out and “be” with your employees – lead them and lend them a hand when the jobs are the toughest & most challenging. Show them they aren’t alone out there. As their leader – BE the hand that will pull them upward in their career. A hand high-fiving them when they achieved something great, A hand to hold onto when they are unconscious in the emergency room waiting for their family to arrive, a hand pulling them up from a challenge, a hand pushing them beyond their comfort zone but supporting them if they stumble. Most of all lend a hand when they need your presence as their leader the most.

A leader’s job is never finished when one employee achieves success and moves on. A Leader in any company, organization, school, anywhere really…benefits from this simple wisdom. Lend a hand!

After all, none of us got to where we are today alone. There were lots of hands holding, lifting, pushing and pulling us to help us heal, grow and achieve our greatest and truest potential.

When you achieve each milestone in your career, reflect upon those who’ve helped you. Better yet, bring another person along beside you to show them how to lend a hand!

Love & Leadership,


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