Leading With Your Heart

Leading from the heart has never failed me in my twenty years serving in the United States Air Force. Love from a leader comes in the form of compassion, care, service, patience, kindness, empathy and so much more. Recently I finished reading Tommy Spaulding’s book, The Heart Led Leader. His book brilliantly captures how to lead from the heart.

I’ve learned through thousands and thousands of heart centered interpersonal sessions with my troops that one thing happens when you lead from love. Those you have led, mentored, guided or listened to in their hour of need turn around and reflect that same level of love and leadership to their followers.

We’ve all been led by leaders who are self-serving and we know we don’t want to become that. I’ve been led by them too and it was painful, but a valuable lesson. The lesson validated the fact that heart-based leaders lift morale, lift people’s productivity, and increases retention. I’ve been led by heart-based leaders throughout my career in the Military, many of them are some of the toughest, most highly skilled strategic leaders in the Air Force and most of them are men. These leaders taught me how servant leadership for a higher purpose meant caring for the Airmen as if they were your own blood. Serving beside them, leading them with grace and grit, and most importantly leading selflessly always. I’m excited about my next chapter as a leader after my Air Force career comes to a close. There are so many opportunities to develop leadership courses and skills beyond what I’ve learned and lived in the military these last two decades.

Go out there and lead with the heart 💗

Love & Leadership,


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