The Power of One

Never underestimate the power of one person to make a difference.  Since I was a child, I’ve been in positions to lead others.  Whether I was leading my three younger siblings through mandatory weekend school in our breezeway or leading my track team, I was always focused on the team cohesion and power of the leader to harness the motivation and direct it towards something good.  Over 25 years ago, I read Bryce Courtenay’s book “The Power of One” I later saw the movie with my Aunt and  young Peekay’s story was one that showed the power one has to transform suffering into heroic dreams realized.  Peekay’s spirit of independence, his internal power or what I always refer to as grit with a whole lot of faith…is the power one has to change ones life trajectory for goodness.  The power of one goes much deeper when you are inspired by your true calling, your life’s purpose.  Peekay’s story inspired my journey from a 13 year old girl first reading Bryce’s work to where I am today as an American Airman and leader.  I was forever trying to help people see their own “power of one”.  Even today as a Superintendent for over 200 Air Force cops, I strive daily to foster those same things amongst my team.  I’m at the end of my 20-year Air Force career and more energized about the next chapter than I could have ever imagined.  I look back at a 17-year old woman standing tall at Basic Training in 1998 ready to lead others.  The future was wide open with possibilities for me and through grit and faith – my own power of one (and lots of help from my tribe of teachers, students and amazing Airmen)  I was able to find my life’s purpose as Peekay did in his story.  Now my purpose is moving beyond the platform the Air Force gave to me these last 20 years.  For that I am grateful and overjoyed!


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